Our 5 Tenets

The future of health benefits administration will be built on data integration, a focus on the patient, transparency, cost reduction and compliance. WellSystems is poised to support current and future needs, maintaining a laser-like focus on delivering solutions based on 5 tenets:

Efficiency in Technology: Our technology platform facilitates the management of quality, cost and the patient experience. Data integration and significant flexibility in configuration create automation where appropriate and access to important data when most effective.

Compliance in Technology: Our technology platform is currently compliant with all major standards related to health benefits administration. This includes ICD10, the CORE standards for transactions and HIPAA privacy and security. This is true compliance based on a significant investment, not workarounds and mapping designed to mirror compliance.

Operational Excellence: Our leadership team developed the World Class TPA concept 20 years ago, and we continue to combine effective staffing management, use of technology, management via metrics and use of best-in-class vendors to be an exceptional outsourcing alternative.

Networks and Network Alternatives: We have significant expertise and infrastructure to handle all aspects of development and management of proprietary networks to leasing of high quality networks to use of alternative network strategies.

Focus on Data and Analytics: In the age of transparency and quality improvement, data is king, and our integrated and sophisticated data capabilities are supported by a team of thoughtful and creative analysts.

Positioning Payers for the Future of Health Benefits
Operational Excellence Compliance in Technology Networks and Network Alternatives Focus on Data and Analytics Efficiency in Technology